Air plane

About the game

The Aeroplane is a video slot game by Gamesys, one of the worlds leading game operators. As the title suggests, the theme is inspired by aeroplane. One of the most used and popular methods of transport. It’s time to take off and explore all that this game has in store for you. This game brings high-quality, appealing graphics and animations to your screen. It features many different aeroplanes of a variety of different shapes and sizes all beautifully designed. The gameplay is simple but fun and entertaining. You’ll be taken on an adventure up above by soaring through the sky in your aeroplane. As you fly above, you’ll be looking down on the fluffy white clouds and all below. So, this game is sure to give you a buzz of euphoria. What are you waiting for? it’s time to take off and spin the reels. You will encounter different bonuses and prizes along the way.


This slot features 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. It has an RTP of 96.7% which is average for a slot game, and medium-high volatility. The minimum bet starts at as little as $0.20 per spin to as much as $200 a spin. In this game, to win big cash, you’ll have to bet bigger. The maximum stake on offer can be won with a high bet and the bonus features combined. However, even with a small initial bet (for example, just betting $0.20), you will still have the opportunity to times your stake by 5,000. If the game is played right of course.

The Aeroplane does include very simple gameplay and basic features. But the game design definitely makes up for this! The features include Wilds, Scatter and Gamble. The Gamble feature is the players favourite as they allow you to win the most cash. With this feature, you can times your prize fund by up to 200x by making the right decision. It will give you the opportunity to win as much cash as possible in this game. A black aircraft will act as your Scatter. If you find this on your pay line, be prepared to unlock various fun bonus features. It will open up Free Spins or Mini Games that will give you more opportunities to find winning combinations. And add to the prize fund. The Airbus A380 will act as the Wild symbol. When you see this it will replace all other symbols (but the scatter). And if the Wild completes a winning combination, the value will be doubled. So, fly into some generous wins and bonus features!

Our Aeroplane Conclusion

If you’re looking to play a simple slot game that’s easy to follow and understand, then Airplane is perfect for you. We’d recommend it mostly for beginner players. This is because the gameplay and features are not too overwhelming and very easy to learn. It has a decent RTP to keep the players interested and playing and the spectacular sky-high theme makes it a good first time choice for newbies.

However, players should not be fooled by the basic design. Because medium to high volatility will mean the players will need to keep playing for longer for decent wins. Despite the lack of features being disappointing to many players, the theme keeps players entertained and ultimately makes it a popular choice slot game for many. Nonetheless, we’d still only recommend it to the newbies in the slot game world. There aren’t any soundtracks or effects during this game also until you hit a winning combination. A celebratory sound will be played. But find out for yourself!

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