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  • Official Genesis Site
    The best prog band ever!! Their site is a good site too... lots of info.
  • Genesis Lyrics
    Song lyrics from the best prog band ever.
  • Geffen's Peter Gabriel Page
    Believe it or not, Phil Collins wasn't always Genesis' singer!! Peter rules, check out this site!
  • Solsbury Hill
    One of the best Peter Gabriel sites I've ever seen! The humor section is great. Check it out, or else!!
  • The Peter Gabriel Webring
    List of PG-related sites.
  • Steve Hackett
    Among the best guitarists ever, and one of the most progressive and experimental artists active today. Possibly my favorite of all the Genesis alumi, although that's a pretty tough call!
  • Paperlate Mailing List
    Paperlate is the Genesis mailing list. Unfortunately the signal-to-noise ratio is quite poor and when I gave up on it for good three years ago, it was full of maddenlingly inane and repetitive discussions about the blindingly obvious, and the balance was flame wars, flames over flame wars, and discussions over the flames of the flame wars. (I watched this list sink from great to terrible over a period of about 4 years.) Well it might be better now, check it out if you want. Somehow felt obligated to link to it after being on that list for so long. Send the words SUBSCRIBE PAPERLATE for the bounce list or SUBSCRIBE DIGEST to get the once-a-day digest version.


  • YesWorld, Notes From The Edge, and The South Side of the Sky
    Not only did Yes reshape the face of music in the 1970s and 80s, their latest albums have shown that they're back at the top of their form and are are strong as they ever were. The new keyboardist (Igor Khoronaryheartattacksresultfromtryingtosayhislastnameproperly) is almost as good as Wakeman. Check out these sites for lots of good info.
  • Yes Members: Where are they now?
    This site keeps tabs on the current status and projects of Yes members, friends, and associates (both past and present.)
  • Virtual Jon Anderson
    This site is a riot. Virtual Jon will ask you for a few words and compose a custom Yes song just for you!!!

    King Crimson

    • Discipline Global Mobile
      King Crimson guitar guru Robert Fripp has said that "Music exists DESPITE the music industry, not BECAUSE of it." He started DGM to counteract this, with some of their business aims including helping music to come into the world which otherwise wouldn't; to "operate in the market place, while being free of [it's] values" and "to be a model of ethical business in an industry founded on exploitation, oiled by deceit, riven with theft and fuelled by greed." Next time you go to the music store, find a King Crimson album and read the statement on the back cover... they've got garbanzos the size of Canada.


    • Pat's Rush Music Page
      Still one of the most original and talented bands in the business, Rush's lyrics are a veritable plethora of deep thoughts, sci-fi, and observations on human nature. Here is a nice fan page that tells a bit about the band and provides some categorization of their albums.

    Kate Bush


    • The Ultimate Bands List
      The canonical list of links to homepages for just about every band and artist imaginable. Check it out!
    • Song Lyrics Search
      Remember a few words and want to know what song it was?? Here's your answer!
    • Misheard Song Lyrics
      People's wrong interpretations of song lyrics have given us some pretty hilarious reading. One of my particular favorites is the listing under Rick Springfield's "Centerfold".

    Music-related Art

    • Kim Poor
      Guitar genius Steve Hackett's significant other. Kim's paintings have actually inspired some of Genesis' best songs, and if you ask me her art is great!
    • Roger Dean
      Roger Dean is best known for doing artwork and set designs for Yes and other prog bands, although he's done architecture, font creation, and other unique projects as well. A truly unique artist. Neat stuff, good site.

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