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Everyone's got a web links page. Well I'll be honest, I can't always keep up with what sites are in my own list of Favorites, let alone cross-reference it here and double-check constantly too. Sooo... I'll try to keep this list down to the sites that are so good you just HAVE to see, or those that are unique to me... I'll assume that you know how to use a search engine to find a site on some particular topic that interests you. If not, go to Excite, Alta Vista or Yahoo! and read the help page, using the engines efficiently is the key to online survival! If you find a dead link, PLEASE let me know.

Aviation and Space Kitfox: Whatta way to fly!

  • OV-10Bronco.Net
    My personal web site that soon grew to be the online home of the OV-10 Bronco.
  • Aviation Collectibles of Texas
    Fellow OV-10 Bronco Association member Jim "Grump" Hodgson's site, for which I am doing the HTML work. Also see Jim's personal site!
  • Housefly Aviation
    How to make an airplane powered by houseflies, with a little bit of a moral to the story.
  • The USAF / Air Combat Command Image Bank
    A great site for military aviation pictures - your tax dollars at work!!!
  • Soaring Society of America
    Soaring is the purest form of manned flight. Check it out!
  • Vintage Soaring Association
    Arguably, some of the most beautiful aircraft ever built have been gliders. This organization is dedicated to preserving soaring's past.
  • The Ejection Seat Homepage
    Everything you'd ever want to know about the device that has saved countless lives of aviators in trouble. Who wouldn't want to sit on top of a rocket designed to hurl them out of the airplane while traveling hundreds of miles per hour??
  • Patty Wagstaff Airshows
    Possibly the best aerobatic pilot in the world today!
  • Steve Coan Sailplane Aerobatics
    Steve Coan not only does some very impressive sailplane aerobatics (he's a five-time world sailplane aerobatic champion) but he's a really nice guy to boot. While I was talking with him at the Airshow of the Stars in Kissimmee, he took time out from the hangar flying to give some excited young kids some hands-on time with his motorglider. Obviously one who loves what he does and enjoys sharing the wonder of flight.
  • Kelly "Pancho" Rhodes
    Kelly, aka SkyGrl, is one of my Internet friends and has a true gift for describing the magic of flight. This site is a must-see for anyone who ever wanted to know more about why aviators do what they do, or even if you just want to know more about the terms you hear around an airport. Fun, and she somehow managed to disable that damned Geocities Java harassment window.
  • Dru Blair Aviation Art
    Great aviation art by the the guy who did my favorite aviation painting of all time, Power.
  • NASA's ER-2 Aircraft Info
    The ER-2 is NASA's version of the legendary U-2 spy plane... with a nice paint job... what a NEAT aircraft!!!
  • Live Space Shuttle Tracking
    Courtesy United Space Alliance
  • Space Shuttle Launch Schedule
    From NASA's Public Affairs Office.
  • Model Aviation Links
    I have a separate page for model aviation links!


  • My Friends
    I have a separate page for all of my friends!

Just For Fun

  • The Bastard Operator From Hell
    If you've ever been on any sort of computer network, you need to read this account about what the system administrators REALLY do.
  • The Death Clock
    Watch the rest of your life click away before your very eyes!! Or, set it to the "Sadistic" setting for somebody you don't like!
  • The Onion
    If you watch the news, read the news, or just plain get bored, go to the premiere satirical news site of all time.
  • Los Angeles Coroner's Office
    No, you can't find pictures of dead bodies and autopsies, but there is just about everything else!! A good site for those with a slightly morbid sense of humor, there isn't anything here that will gross you out. You may, however, end up laughing your head off! The L.A. Coroner even has a gift shop (proceeds go to youth offender programs.)
  • Anagram Insanity
    Type in a phrase and this will return a whole bunch of anagrams. Neat!
  • Swedish Chef - Jive - Valley Girl - Pig Latin Translator
    Type sump'n in here, and it gots'ta translate it t'several "fun languages fo' ya'. Right On! Great fo' t'rowin' silly emails t'yo' homeys.
  • Urban Legends Archive
    Now you can find out the real stories behind all those scary stories that we hear...
  • Weird Science
    Weird, quasi-scientific items of all descriptions. Mix of tried, untried, proofs, experiments, suggestions, stories... most of which are really "out there." A few example titles: Potato-eye energy sensor, Chick's brains affect random robot path?!, Electrostatic force-field wall, Time distortion sensor, antigravity generator, UFO-sensing binoculars, Transmute carbon to iron (simple demo!), Ionized nickels fall slower, altering radioactive half-life, Drawing holograms by hand!!!, and the Gravity-emitting capacitor!?
  • Misheard Song Lyrics
    People's wrong interpretations of song lyrics have given us some pretty hilarious reading. One of my particular favorites is the listing under Rick Springfield's "Centerfold".



  • Kim Poor
    Guitar genius Steve Hackett's significant other. Kim's paintings have actually inspired some of Genesis' best songs, and if you ask me her art is great!
  • Roger Dean
    Roger Dean is best known for doing artwork and set designs for Yes and other prog bands, although he's done architecture, font creation, and other unique projects as well. A truly unique artist. Neat stuff, good site.
  • Dru Blair Aviation Art
    Great aviation art by the the guy who did my favorite aviation painting of all time, Power.


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