Friends?? ME?? Ba-waa-haa-haaaaaa!!!
(I had to pay them off to do this, but here they are)
Beware The Giant Kissing Spermblobs!!! This is a short list of anyone I'm friends with enough to want them on my site who also happen to have webpages of their own. Most of them also haven't figured out they are listed here yet and therefore haven't yet obtained a restraining order against me for claiming to know them.


Ruchelle "rastar" Owens

Once, long ago and in a land far, far away, I gave Chel some cheese. That must have been the secret code or something because now she's one of the best friends I've ever had. She's definitely a freaky smeghead, but she's a nice gal with a very deep faith in Christ and goodly moral standards and that kind of stuff too. She's always been there for me, no matter what, and we think alike on a lot of important things so I actually trust what she says. You don't find friends like that too often, so I guess I better be nice and try to keep her 'round. Although I must say, it was definitely worth it to tell her a sea turtle was going to jump up and eat her face off... the look of terror on her face was absolutely priceless!!
I'm gonna hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

Dan "Just-Dan" Taylor

Ah, Dan. You, sir, are a strange, sad, freaky little man. J Actually Dan's a cool guy. I wouldn't take just anyone to see Yes, but Dan knows who Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman are so there's no way he could be that bad in my book! Just one thing bout the picture, bro... ummm... you do know that some big hairy freaky-looking monster has you in its clutches and looks as if it's going to kill you, right? Then again, with the pet rat and Jimi running around, you might just be used to it by now I guess...
Don't ask him to sing...

The Right Reverend Sir Chris "Goob" Giddens

One of my bestest friends back from my time in Hel... er, at Georgia Tech. He's a mighty funny guy, and if you ever needed proof that Christians can have as much fun as anyone else then you ought to meet Chris. He's a newly ordained Baptist minister... or is it preacher... so in any case I guess we all better call him Reverend Goob now. Lord only knows what his sermons are going to be like, but I get the feeling he'll manage some way to work Batman and Legos in (Chris actually has an 8 foot long star cruiser he built entirely out of Legos...) Chris is about to be married and is registered at Toys-R-Us, and they aren't even planning on having any kids as far as I know!!
Whoa mama!

Kristy "DisNut" Borkes
Personal Pages
Voice Chasers

Well despite the fact she's an atheistic heathen freak-girl who worships all things Disney, she's still pretty cool in her own special way. She may be twisted, sick, strange and misguided, not to mention a Macintosh bigot, but she's still a pal. Check it out, her personal pages are nice and I am even in there somewhere (not telling where...) She's also the founder of the Voice Chasers site, dedicated to those unsung but talented actors that live behind the scenes give life to our favorite cartoon (and other not-quite-human) characters. Check it out!

Jessica "IceSpark" Ross

Jessica Ross (or J-Ro*1 ) is my evil twin who does all the things I wish I had done in college but somehow never did. First off, she was smart enough to NOT attend GT... very good move there. At Embry-Riddle she's the former editor-in-chief of the paper, a member of the Amateur Radio Club, and lots of other stuff. Jess is the coolest one-eyed dripping freak I know, and is widely believed to be NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin's heir-apparent... but they told her that she has to graduate first. Check it out. Oh yeah, here's a picture of us hangin' out.
Where's the kaboom?? I was waiting for an Earth-shattering kaboom!!!

Justin Massengale

Future Nobel Prize Winner, Haaahhhh-vid Gradeeeeate, Overlord of Red Pop, Master of E. Coli chemotaxis and calcium elucidation, and I think he even has at least a slight similance of a real life too (despite his strange, painful urge to do well in med school). Check it out and learn something useful!!!
His page is so bright, he's gotta wear shades...

Ron Ellis:
Grotto 2

A longtime flying buddy of mine, and a Georgia Tech survivor. Ron's quite accomplished in R/C Pattern flying (ie, radio controlled aircraft aerobatic competition, for those of you not into it), and has an extensive site dedicated to that. There's also some random strange avant-garde type stuff... stereo photography, Ed Wood, just random weird stuff. (His bathroom actually has a shower curtain with a silhouette of Norman Bates on it if that tells you anything...)

Linda Waters

Unfortunately, I haven't talked much to Linda lately, but I'm sure she's doing well. Probably just tied up in some doctorate research project where she'll prove that Einstein really was a little wrong after all or that gravity really doesn't exist or some such thing.
Yep, this is pretty much Marty for ya.

Marty Winn

Definitely the most conservative person I've ever known (but didn't feel like strangling most of the time!!!) Actually, we used to be in the same dorm, until we both went on to bigger and better things. Last I checked, he's now in Tampa working on guidance systems for cruise missiles and other stuff that goes boom. Lots of interesting links and lots of politically-oriented stuff for those so inclined.
Phil Be Flyin

Phil "Chef Felipe" Bousquet

Another longtime flying buddy of mine - and one heck of a barbecue cook. The horrendous explosion of 1996 involving a gas grill, model airplane fuel, cheap beer and a schizophrenic drunken circus midget brought his long and distinguished career as official Chef for the airplane club to an early and tragic end. Incidentally, Phil is also the only guy in history who has experienced aileron flutter on a paper airplane.
Indian River Kontrol Society logo

Indian River Kontrol Society

Well, a large number of my friends fly model planes, so might as well include the links to the club page as well. Come out and fly with us (or just watch) sometime!!
You spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby, right round round round...

Jan Heise K4QD

Jan's a neat guy, once in a while he goes on Ham Radio "DXpeditions" where they operate from remote places that never have anyone operating there. That way those who talk to them can add rare countries/call zones to their contact lists. Since I've known him, Jan's been to South Georgia Island in the Antarctic (lots of penguins) and Guantanimo Bay, Cuba (our naval base down there we keep just to annoy Castro.)

Delsherae "Tineka" Miles

One of the stranger of Internet Chat friends, Delsherae actually didn't wanna talk to me at first. Thought I was a psycho or something. Well as it turns out, I am psycho or something but not that bad.
Serograffects Logo

Scott "Bendix" Keating

Scott does aerial photography and surveying for a living, and has some really neat info on using model and full-size airplanes for photography on his site. He's also the founder of the R/C Model Web Ring. A very good, professional looking site that's definitely worth checking out, tell him Prog sent you.

Jeane "Jeaners!" Ruddy

Jeane, another IRC pal, lives in Tacoma nowadays. She's got some pet King snakes, one of whom is names Rasauntie (after rastar!!) so you know she's gotta be a kinda cool person! (Warning, this page contains an abusive advertising window courtesy Tripod :( )
Mewwy Cwithmuth!

I am baby. Hear me roar!

Jen, Mike, Kris, Brad,
Joey, Michael and Nick

Krissy and Brad (top) and Joey (bottom) are two of my friend Jen's kids. They actually have two step-brothers, Michael and Nick, since Jen is now remarried. It's pretty much like the Brady Bunch around their house! I'm their Unkee Eye-kee, and all five are great kids - very happy-go-lucky tykes. Unfortunately our immoral, unjust and 100% corrupt legal system has declared that these children aren't worthy to be in the custody of a loving and responsible mother. Apparently their father deserves that honor for being a better parent. This is evidenced by his lying to his wife and (ex) best friends, kidnapping the kids out of state while he serves her the divorce papers, refusing to let Jen even see them without a police escort to force him to open the door of his parent's house, where his mother raises the kids while Chris flits from job to job (11 jobs in 16 months at last count) and then goes out to party. How DARE Jen actually feel like she should get custody of her own children, what with her being a terrible and evil parent... you know, bad abuses like maintaining a good stable job, a loving home for the kids, a marriage to a nice guy with two kids of his own, and - God forbid!! - she actually bothers to take responsibility for the children's well-being. I guess I was thoroughly misguided and mistaken when I thought that those things were proper things to expose children to, so of course I'm glad the judge straightened us all out on that point. NOT. Personally, I hope that the judge gets his head out of his butt just long enough to get anally raped at gunpoint by a drunken rabid pitbull with AIDS and amoebic dysentery. Don't even ask what I think Chris deserves, you DON'T want to know.

Read the story as Jen tells it.


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