Get Yer Plausible Denialility Right Here!
(Whom I am going to blame for this site)


Here is who to blame for this so-called website.

All content I haven't stated as coming from other sources can be considered to be my own original material. Exceptions are sound files, graphics of cartoon characters, album art (most of which I scanned in), backgrounds modified from photographs or paintings, etc. and in those cases, the copyright is owned by the original artist. I have not used any copyrighted materials in an attempt to make money from it, only because it was either something I liked and felt was worth sharing, or to enhance the associated webpage. I have made an attempt to properly credit the owner of any pictures used, here are a few items that could not be properly credited in-line with their application:

  • The background graphic on this page was created starting with perhaps my favorite aviation painting of all time, Power, by aviation artist Dru Blair.
  • Some of the icons on the site have come from random places on the net, and as it would be literally impossible to try to figure out which ones are from where, I won't. I usually end up modifying things myself though in some manner.
  • All the sounds came from the Net, I am not a musician. I've given song titles and artists at the bottom of each page for each song used.
  • Graphics or data representing somebody else's business, website, etc. should be considered to be their copyright. There is no intention of using anyone's data, statements, logos, or artwork for any purpose they would object to, usually it's just to have a distinctive link to their site.
  • Cartoon characters are in all cases copyright their original authors.
  • I have attempted to properly credit all photographs obtained from other websites.

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