How To Know If You're Obsessed With Yes!
(I'll plead ignorance on most of these ;-)


This was not written by me, it was on the Notes From The Edge Yes mailing list in September 1998 and was written by Robert B. Jackson. Anyone obsessed with Yes (as a lot of Yesfans are) will understand the truth in this!!

Here's the Top Ten ways you know you're a Yes Fan:

10. You have a dog named Longwalker, Vevey, Trooper, or Prophet.
9. You throw tomatoes at any pictures of magicians.
8. You've actually mapped climbing routes on some of Roger Dean's surrealistic rock formations.
7. You send a birthday card to not only the past and present band members, but their families as well.
6. You use Yes brand laundry detergent just for the name, even if it does make your clothes dirtier...
5. Your wedding vows included some sort of Yes lyrics.
4. You bought and listen to these original versions: Paul Simon's America, Brahm's 4th Symphony, The Beatles' Every Little Thing and I'm Down.
3. You have a VHS copy of the movie Starship Troopers and insist it has a deeper motive.
2. You know and can properly que the place on YESSONGS' version of Chris Squire's The Fish where an abrupt cough comes in.

And the Number One Way to Know You're A Yes Fan:

1. You've been to Iceland, looking for the actual volcanic entrance to the Centre of the Earth!


©1998 Robert B. Jackson All Rights Reserved.

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