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"Music appears in the world despite the music industry, not because of it." - Robert Fripp

Here is where you will find my music reviews. Below is an example of the format. Don't worry, I'll include a legend on each review page. I am not goign to update this much (if at all) anymore due to having just too much else going on, but I'll leave this posted.

  Merlin & the Broncos (see also Grump's Gravy Train)
* Minimalist Fingertapping
Them Webmaster Blues (Inane Clown Possum)
Superb!! Composer Merlin's nearly nonexistent (yet somehow omnipresent) overtones of backspacing combine with staccatto, desperate noises best described as "click-and-drag like" to create a glimpse into a twisted world. This is enhanced by well-placed special effects like beeps, eeps, crunches, hems, haws, and ughs. Merlin has masterfully made this atmospheric album sound as if he's really fighting his computer every step of the way, just like the album's tragic figure named "Me" does. Me battles his way through Cyberspace, in the song Webmasters Are People Too you get such raw expressions of pain as the lyric "Oh dear God please kill me now I can't take it anymore I want to die no website is worth all this kill me I don't care if it's painful it can't be worse than this oh no no no...." This abject Orwellian hell is pretty much the theme of this whole album. The rising crescendo and crashing, guttural cries of pain as he loses his life-force in an electronic game of chicken with his rival, Micro Bill, is not to be missed... you are guaranteed to be left deaf, dumb, and emotionally damaged for life.


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