July 4th Weekend 98
(My trip to Panama City Beach)


These pictures were from a wild trip I went on to Panama City Beach on July 4, 1998. Some relative of my friend Chel (aka the famous rastar) had a timeshare condo on the beach, so Chel, Dan, Bryan, Kevin, myself, one inflatable astronaut (Orby) and a wayward AIM-54 Sidewinder missile all drove up for one of the most bizarre long weekends ever. I won't even try to really explain any of this for the rest of the world, we know what happened but it would probably lose too much in the translation for the rest of you to be all that amusing! So I'll just let you use your imagination as to what all these strange pictures are about. So there! :P

Panama City Beach, July 1998
The view from the room.

Damn. I wanted to pay full price.
No comment!

And you thought the 145dB snoring was disturbing?
There is no excuse for this childish behavior!
We are all scarred for life after seeing scenes like these!!

Bryan's dog is a gay homosexual!
Who the HELL is this, and how did she get in my camera?

Kevin, you oughta become a pro wrestler or something.

In twenty years this picture will be in some kind of TV documentary.
The gang in the car.

Must have had something to do with the Joint Sale.
Dan, you party animal!!

Lobotimize me!
Young Col. Sanders.
I'm too sexy for this shirt
Hey, who let the cute chick in?
Hi! I love Proggie!
Hi there, damn glad to meet you.

Bite me, you'll like it.
Don't mess with Elmo.
I'm too sexy for this butt
There goes Chel showing her tail again.

Wouldn't it be easier to just go rent Porky's?
Geez Kev, that's pretty twisted, you know...
And he's buying the stairway to Hades...
Bryan descends into the pit of Hell
(Unfortunately, they threw him back)
Y'all come back now, ya hear?
Yippie Skippie Ippie Doobie-Doo

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