Microsoft's End?
(or Firm node costs?)


All this talk about a possible breakup of Microsoft got me to thinking. And of course, I had to do something pointless to celebrate the merest possibility that Bilgatus of Borg will get taken down a notch or two. Soooo... it's anagram time!!

Anagrams for the phrase Microsoft's End?

  • Cod frosts in me
  • Me do con firsts
  • Some cons drift
  • Of no dim crests
  • Fin most coders
  • Coders of mints
  • Oft dim censors
  • Oft minds score
  • Fit cod sermons
  • Mind of sectors
  • Seconds from it
  • IT seconds form
  • Reminds of cost
  • Disc of monster
  • Mentors of disc
  • Mind of scrotes
  • Insects do form
  • Form on dissect
  • Feds not micros
  • Fed toss micron
  • Tons of mired CS
  • If NT, some cords
  • Oft ends micros
  • Do trim confess
  • Dents of micros
  • Medics of 'trons
  • Medics of snort
  • Medics on forts
  • Do sects inform?
  • MS infects door
  • Mods for incest
  • I send comforts
  • MS, coders of NT i
  • Don't miss force
  • Fort M. codes sin
  • Informed costs
  • Cerf dooms nits!
  • First docs: Omen.
  • First demos con!
  • Firm node costs
  • Romeos fist n cd
  • Romeo's tin CDFS
  • Escort of minds
  • Edicts from son
  • Ed moons fricts
  • Do in MCSE forts
  • Informed Scots
  • Dorm scent? If so...
  • Scot fired Ms. No!
  • MSN scored of it!
  • No! Ms. Croft dies.
  • Dr. No's Icom fest
  • Mr. C noised soft
  • Misters of D-Con
  • Sister Moon'd FC
  • MS foisted corn!
  • Me first... on cods??
  • Do sins, Tom Cerf
  • Snot Sid C. for me!
  • For med, in costs
  • Mets coin Fords
  • Omens sit for CD
  • Norms of edicts
  • Forms on edicts
  • Drift some cons
  • Coon drift mess
  • Sins fer dot com
  • Desist from con
  • Demons for tics
  • Dim on CS forest
  • Incest for M-DOS
  • DOS font crimes
  • Soft Don crimes
  • End cosmos rift
  • Fred T in cosmos
  • Coors find Mets
  • MCSE: find roost!
  • MCSEs find root
  • Nice MS-DOS fort
  • MS-DOS for NT Inc.
  • dot com is ferns
  • NC moose drifts
  • Dorcs sim often
  • Most co friends
  • Set fir condoms
  • First e-condoms
  • St. Condom's fire
  • If condoms rest
  • Fired ton of MSCS
  • Re: fist condoms
  • Fond Sir Comets
  • First nods come
  • Sit, fond comers!
  • Don comes first
  • Motifs scorned
  • Demonic frosts
  • Demon ICs of St. R.
  • First Demons Co.
  • Demo fist corns
  • I scorn, most fed
  • Desist, conform
  • Sins comforted

The C collection:

  • If NT, some C rods
  • If NT, C door. Mess!
  • I dont mess for C
  • Snort dimes of C
  • Find C, or toss me!
  • C dont fire moss.
  • Moist nerds of C!!
  • If demons sort C
  • I moon St. Fred's C.
  • Ed moons C first
  • MS noosed C rift
  • Tom Rose finds C

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