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(Or miniature aircraft if you prefer)


I tend to be most interested in sailplanes, electric planes, and other things that fly gracefully and quietly. Here are some links to some other (mostly) like-minded sites.

My Kadet Senior... R.I.P. My beloved, dearly-departed Kadet Senior. Whaley's Comet had a bomb drop and was immortalized by legendary IRKS newsletter editor Andy Schott as "The Famous Flying Flaming Eyeball"

Quiet Flight Suppliers

Hobby Lobby
High-quality stuff from good folks who understand electrics and soaring well. The catalog is great!!
Dave's Aircraft Works
Dave Sanders is a very nice and helpful guy and his EPP airplanes look, fly and bounce great!
DJ Aerotech
One of the most educational sites for gliders there is, period. Joe and Don CAN teach you things you didn't know you needed to know. DJA makes high-quality HLGs including my beloved modified Chrysalis.
Model Aircraft Books & RCSD Columns
Herr Engineering
The most beautiful laser-cut large FF / small R/C kits you'll ever see.
RC Aero Site
Garrison Aerodrome's home for lots of R/C links, companies, clubs, and stuff in general.
Northeast Sailplane Products
Popular site with a large collection of sailplane & electric stuff of all descriptions... articles, stories, chat rooms, instructions, specs, etc.
Electric Jet Factory
And you thought all ducted fans were noisy gas hogs? Neat stuff here!!
Innovative Model Aviation
Anybody know where Innovative Model Aviation went to? They had/have nifty scale, sport, and indoor foam R/C planes, diesel conversions, and other stuff.
R/C Soaring Yellow Pages
Tons of quiet flight links to just about every company I know of (and many I didn't!)

Info Sites

The E-Zone
This is THE site for electric flight... one of my favorite sites, period.
Fun Places to Fly Hand-Launch Gliders
Power Slope Scale
BWest's HLG Hangar
UIUC Airfoil Data Site
The site of legendary soaring guru Dr. Michael Selig
The R/C Soaring FAQ
All you want to know to get started...


Miscellaneous Neat Stuff

Night Ops
Way-cool revolutionary nighttime illumination system... think Timex Indiglo in thin strips
Mobile Airships Inc.
Indoor, outdoor, R/C, tethered and full-scale blimps and balloons!!!
Model Aircraft Graphics
Vinyl graphics just for models... some electric model stuff on their site as well.


Model Humor

The Flying Penguin
More than just models, this site is downright hilarious!!!
R/C Definitions
This is some pretty funny stuff!!
The Indian River Kontrol Society (IRKS)
The R/C club I've belonged to for over a decade, and you couldn't find a better bunch of folks. We're also the second-largest club in Florida. If you are or will be near the Space Coast, check it out, we like to meet new friends!!

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