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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 04/03/2005 01:53 AM
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CDF Transfers OV-10A BuNo 155426 To the OBA!
By A Cast of Thousands
OBA Millenium Logo The OV-10 Bronco Association Board of Directors is proud to announce that we have been awarded a real Bronco. Jim Hodgson, President, received a call yesterday, March 30, from the the General Services Adminiatration that the OV-10 that California Department of Forestry had released and designated for us would be transferred to OBA within the next couple of weeks.

Some of you may not be aware that our non-profit charter is to preserve and perpetuate the history of the OV-10 Bronco and the people who have and are serving with it throughout the world. We have now accomplished one of our primary stated missions of acquiring and preserving an OV-10.

The airframe we will be receiving is an OV-10A, 155426. This particular airframe is historically significant and the Bronco Association is honored to be its caretakers. Here is a little history on the aircraft.

Aircraft History:

Click for a larger (800x533) version of this photo
This photo of OV-10A BuNo 155426 was taken while it served with H&MS-36 in Futenma, Japan on July 7, 1979. (Photo provided by Scott Youmans via Chuck Burin)
Click for a larger (800x533) version of this photo
This photo of 426 was taken in Boise, ID in October 1992... not long after it left service with VMO-2. (Photo by Scott Youmans via Chuck Burin)
Click for a larger (448x336) version of this photo
This photo of 426 was taken on April 6, 2005 and shows how it looks today. (Photo by Melvin Clouser via Chuck Burin)
OV-10A Bronco, Military Serial Number 155426 and NAA production serial number 305-66M37, was the 66th Bronco manufactured and the 37th for the Marine Corps. It was delivered to the US Marine Corp for active service on June 28, 1968 to Marine Light Helicopter Squadron 267 at Camp Pendleton, California. At that time, the OV-10 had not yet seen combat in Vietnam. That would take place two weeks later on July 6, 1968 in Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam, where 426 arrived on August 8, 1968. It was assigned to Marine Observation Squadron 2 (VMO-2), Marine Air Group 16 (MAG-16) at MCALF Marble Mountain. In February 1970 VMO-2 moved to Marine Air Group 11 at Da Nang AB. During its 32 month Vietnam tour it probably flew over 2500 hours on over 1000 missions.

In March of 1971 #426, as part of the VMO-2 stand down in Vietnam, was transferred to Marine Observation Squadron 6 (VMO-6) at Marine Corp Air Station Futema, Okinawa, Japan. In January of 1977, when VMO-6 was disestablished, it was transferred to the Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron 36, also at MCAS Futema. It remained overseas until 1991 when it was returned to MCAS Camp Pendleton and reassigned for duty with Marine Observation Squadron 2 as aircraft #16. After a short stint in Marine Helicopter Training Squadron 301, it was assigned to civilian duty with the Bureau of Land Management in Boise, Idaho in 1993 and registered as N97LM. In December 1999 she was again transferred. This time 426 was assigned to the California Department of Forestry.

The OV-10 Bronco Association considers Bronco Number 155426 to be an honored war veteran and consider it a privilege and honor to restore her as a living memorial to the 61 pilots and crew who lost their lives in the Bronco from Vietnam to Desert Storm as well as the tens of thousands of others who served with these work horses.


The acquisition of our Bronco has been a long process, but now another hurdle has to be crossed: dismantling, transportation and reassembly at the Bronco association Museum in Fort Worth. The association estimates that it will cost in excess of $10,000 to deliver the aircraft to Fort Worth. We are a small museum and the treasury is already strained from the expense of acquiring the QF-4S "SCOOBY". Again we plan to do much of the work ourselves and with volunteers to reduce the costs.

Your donations will help bring 155426 to its new home. Remember that the OV-10 Bronco Association is an IRS registered 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Museum.


Chuck "IGOR" Burin
Chairman of the Board of Directors - OV-10 Bronco Association

Q: This aircraft is/was airworthy wasn't it? Why not fly it into Fort Worth? (Submitted by Ed Clayman)
A: It's not airworthy, the plane has been cannibalized to some extent. We don't think it was ever modified or flown by CDF. That is both good and bad... we think it is still in VMO-2 gray paint. (Submitted by Grump)
Q: Checking my logbook, I discover a single entry in December '75 for BuNo. 155426. 2.2 hours of TAC(A) out of Futenma to a target on some unpronouncable island to the west of Okinawa. This makes the third airplane in a museum that's also in my logbook. Am I old yet? (Submitted by Mike Hardaway)
A1: You can't be that old when the planes you flew are still in service and working! (Submitted by Hostage IGOR)
A2: Like IGOR, I flew both 481 and 492, and he's much older than me! (Submitted by Hostage Bear)

Roy 'Arm' Pitt with our Bronco, 155426
Roy "Arm" Pitt with our Bronco, 155426
OK, grandpas, you can BS some of the people some of the time. Gordy, try as you may, out do this: For 19 months and 7 days, that plane and I were close, heck I even slept with her in the revetments from time to time. She with my help brought you all home safely, and for that I will forever be grateful and it was an honor and privilege. I thank you for letting me be a part of something special. If you would scratch her just aft of the mail chute, she would roll over and purr like a kitten. Bob still fits his flight suit, not like others who have become very large bundles of joy. IGOR, in-country we didn't use a signal for stop-locks except with Lt's and then only once. You guys knew how to fly the airplane and we didn't have time for lolly-gagging around. Your P/C, Roy "ARM" Pitt.

A4: Hey, Since Arm has such an intimate relationship with 426, maybe we should just restore him and make him part of the display? (Submitted by Grump)
Q: Come on, this is definitely another April Fool's joke. (Submitted by half the known world)
A: Well, we did get you all good last year (not just once but twice as a matter of fact)... but this year, we assure you that this is for real (note that Igor's Email announcement was dated 3/31/05.) And just in case you missed it, this year's April Fool's edition is available here. (Submitted by Merlin)
Q: How Can I Help? Where can I send donations?
A: Contact the OV-10 Bronco Association at 1-800-575-0535, or mail us at 505 NW 38th St, Hangar 33s, Ft. Worth, TX 76106. If you'd like to donate, you may also fax the amount and your credit card info to (817) 488-8170 which is a private, secure number. We will have Paypal available soon as well. The OV-10 Bronco Association is a non-profit organization open to any interested party - we value your support and participation!

If you have any additions or corrections to this item, please let us know!

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