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OV-10A Bronco

BuNo 155483 in 1975


Hawk / Italeri / Testors

Title / Subject:

OV-10A Bronco



Stock Number:

Hawk: 567, Italeri: 807, Testors: 506


I have always like the lines of the OV-10 Bronco. Until recently, though, the choice of kits to build this unique aircraft have been quite limited. In 1/48th scale, the only show in town was the Hawk/Italeri/Testors kit. This kit was really not worth investing the time to make a good model of the OV-10. The list of problems with this kit started with no cockpit and went downhill from there.

Enter Paragon Designs. Paragon Designs markets an update set for the OV-10A (stock #48090). This set addresses all the short comings of the Hawk/Italeri/Testors OV-10 kit and brings it up to being a significantly more accurrate model of the OV-10A. After acquiring the Paragon Designs update set, I dug out an old OV-10A kit I was squirreling away in the attic and started working on it.

The key to me working on this model was the Paragon Designs update set. This set is an extensive re-engineering project for the Hawk/Testors/Italeri OV-10A kit. The set includes pieces to replace some substancial portions of the original kit.

In all, only about half of the original OV-10 kit is used to build the model. Paragon Designs provides the rest. The only thing not provided by them (that would have been nice) is the interior of the fuselage behind the cockpit. The best part is that all the new resin pieces fit with almost no issues. Only minor filling and sanding is needed (much less than would have been needed to build the kit out-of-the-box).

Besides incorporating the Paragon Designs update set into the kit, I also did a lot of extra detailing of my own.

I used all Testors Model Master enamel paints on the model. It is finished in the standard Marine Green (F.S.34097) over Light Gull Gray (F.S.36440) with an all white wing.

For decals, the markings come from SuperScale decal sheet #48-365. The model represents an aircraft from VMO-2 based at MCAS Camp Pendleton in 1975.

Weathering is done with thinned down enamel paint washes and air brushing to highlight the panel lines and show general wear and tear on the airframe. A final pass with silver dry-brushing rounds out the weathering.



Project Statistics

Completion Date:

9 November 1996

Total Building Time:












Decals / Markings:



Extra Detailing / Conversion:





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