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Category: Media - Magazines Created: 04/01/2000 12:00 AM
URL(s): N/A Updated: 10/15/2001 04:55 AM
Air International
April 2000
By Mike Whaley

AI has a whole article about civilian OV-10s by Rene J. Francillon starting on page 236, and it even has one of the CDF birds right on the cover. There appears to be some kind of square box mounted on the nose of the CDF plane where the landing light is, which is mounted on the front of the box... anyone know what that is for?? I found the article to be very concise and well written, and some of the pictures are pretty cool! No mention is made of the third civilian Bronco operator, the U.S. State Dept.

If you have any additions or corrections to this item, please let us know!

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