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Submission Requirements

The Webmaster reserves the right to edit or reject any submission requests for any reason, however submissions that conform to these guidelines should generally be just fine. We're not here to play net cops, just keep this page oriented towards the needs of the OV-10 community. Ads related to commercial endeavors are generally OK as long as they are of interest to the Bronco community, but this is NOT intended to serve as a form of free web hosting for companies. Links to other sites are fine, but remember that classified should be kept short and to the point - reserve the details for your own website.

All classified postings must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Be related to OV-10 Broncos, or be of legitimate interest to the folks who use this site.
  • Clearly indicate a real name of the person who has placed the ad. If it is for a company, we still must have a contact person.
  • Include a valid, working email and/or snail-mail address for the responses to go to. All ads will have this address posted with them.
  • Include a complete and working URL to link to for more information, if applicable.
  • Help-wanted type ads must be for legal and legitimate opportunities only, and must state the specific type of opportunities available.
  • Please do not type IN ALL UPPERCASE, as this is hard to read!

While ads post immediately, site administrators are notified via email of each submission. Ads that are deemed unsuitable for this site according to the above requirements may be removed. It is the responsibility of the ad creator to check that the ad reads properly BEFORE you hit the Submit button!! Should an incorrect submission accidentally be made, re-submit it correctly and send email to - tell us the ad number of the incorrect version and we will remove it when we get a chance.

Currently, the expiration date does not automatically expire your ad and stop it from appearing. We may however manually delete ads after this date, or we may automate this function for the future.

PLEASE DO NOT post an ad about a FORD BRONCO truck!! Such ads will be deleted due to having nothing to do with aviation. If you're looking for sites pertaining to Ford Broncos, check out Bronco.Com as they have lots of appropriate info and links. Thanks!

This feature has been disabled due to ongoing abuse by scumbag spammers. We hope they all die a horrible, painful, public death involving slow disembowelment, public humiliation, and copious amounts of frog excrement.


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